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Music Industry

Digital Stores

Digital stores have become the first point of call in the division of receipts for recorded music revenues and so face similar data management and royalty processes challenges to the labels.  For the relationship to work between the stores and the labels there has to be efficiency of data management and data exchange and Counterpoint’s Record Maestro solution covers all aspects of that relationship.  The advantage of Record Maestro is that it offers a solution that the labels understand and reporting in a format that they can work with out of the box all of which makes digital stores an attractive partner to the labels.


Music Publishing

Music Maestro allows you to manage the whole publishing process, from signing new songwriters/composers; registering with societies; licensing songs; through to calculating
royalties and issuing statements. It also makes it easier to work with other publishers and labels and to integrate your publishing business with a label. More publishers around the world use Music Maestro than any other solution, so don’t take our word for it, ask your publishing partners!  For major international publishers we offer iMaestro which provides the enterprise functionality required by a large multinational organisation.


Production Music

Production music libraries may have some things in common with the traditional music publishers but at Counterpoint we have always known that there are enough differences to mean that they needed their own solutions to manage their business processes. Therefore in addition to our traditional back office administration solutions we also offer MusicSource as part of the Counterpoint Online product suite which allows production libraries to increase their revenue generation through user friendly B2B sales and marketing tools.


Record Labels

Record Maestro is the complete back-office solution for record labels and distributors, integrating label copy and catalog management with artist contract management, licensing, and automated royalty management.  

Record Maestro is the only software package available that will automate your royalty processing, digital sales imports, digital store distribution and society reporting requirements.

Media & Entertainment


Barriers between rights, scheduling and finance make it difficult for broadcasters to know the value of programmes on their balance sheet... and make is next to impossilbe to exploit the full value of your broadcast rights.  Shattering these barriers allows you to realise greater efficiencies and bigger profit.  Media Maestro is the world's leading broadcast rights management and programme finance software package, designed for cross-departmental collaboration and a 360 degree view of programme finance.  The software provides real-time broadcast rights information along with programme cost accounting management controls.

Media Maestro also supports the TV sales and consumer products licensing process, providing end-to-end budgeting, pitching, sales and contract management.



Counterpoint provides end-to-end management of the film rights and royalties process; from participations and royalties for the production process through to contract and rights management for feature sales and licensing. Counterpoint's Media Maestro software enables producers, studios, broadcasters and distributors to maximize the exploitaiton of their content, and save time and money on back-office administration by automating the key processes involved in the rights and royalties administration.


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Games & Interactive

Whatever kind of intellectual property you are licensing - such as music tracks, characters, brands, images, technology and middleware, peripherals - Counterpoint's Media Maestro software will help you either aquire the rights you need, or maximize the exploitation of IP you own or have the right to distribute. Media Maestro is an end-to-end rights and royalties management solutions which enables rights clearance management; IP acquisition contracts; sales, distribution and licensing deals; management of rights across multiple territories and channels and utomatic royalties calculations & statement generation.


Home Entertainment

Counterpoint Systems' Media Maestro software enables home entertainment distributors to manage their unit based royalties business and provide detailed reporting to licensors. Media Maestro manages all aspects of the home entertainment contract and royalties lifecycle, including reserves and returns, unit-based royalty escalations, and automated royalty calculations based on sales figures.


New Media & Digital

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Brand licensing agencies provide an essential service to the licensing industry, providing licensors with guidance and advice on growing their brands though licensed products and managing the relationship between brand owners, manufacturers and retailers.  Counterpoint's License Maestro software gives agencies and licensing companies complete control over the licensing process, enabling them to manage their clients brands/properties, products, distribution channels, territories and rights. License Maestro provides royalty administration and accounting automation, enabling licensing companies to provide complete transparency and reporting to all parties involved in the licensing process.



Opportunities are plentiful for licensees who know how to effectively market quality brands and properties for their partner licensors. Counterpoint’s solutions empower licensees to track and exploit rights using complex combinations of terms, analyze their performance, and provide transparent royalty reporting, saving you both considerable time and money.



Relationship management is at the core of Counterpoint’s solutions for licensors. We understand how much effort it takes to build and sustain a network of trusted licensees and we’ve built solutions to support those efforts. From setting up complex royalty terms to auditing disparate sales feeds, Counterpoint’s business analytics and sophisticated reporting leverages all of the rights and royalty information in the system to help licensors make informed decisions about their brands and properties.

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Counterpoint Systems provides specialist rights and royalties management software for the industries we serve.  Because we understand how different these industries are from each other, and that the business requirements for rights and royalties management vary widely depending on what industry you are in, Counterpoint provides separate industry-specific software.